Hi. I'm Mayur I've worked in the Digital Currency space and Telecom sectors. I am currently working at a B2B Marketing SaaS company.

Exploring Marketing, Blockchain & Digital currency space.

Out of Office, you'll find me Dreaming and performing Market research, Alongside this, I enjoy working and experimenting on my project, which includes a job board for blockchain.

Mayur Gaikwad

My Journey

Working with a lean team was a dream.

The team was building a clean energy marketplace for retail investors was a dream.

This experience tough me how to

- Reach out to a Venture Capital firm for potential investment

- Building a community

- Scouting large local communities & host AMA sessions.

- Reaching out to media & publications.

- Research on current trends

I am grateful to Chris Ciaravino for this opportunity.

I handled all range of levels of interaction with Passport/Visa applicants via different communication channels. Facilitating all aspects of customer interaction with POLISH. Work with Passport Application Center & Courier companies as well as other staff, on a case-by-case basis to ensure overdeliver in every opportunity.

My first freelance gig. Thanks to Luke Brenland & Steve Tait. My tasks involved reaching out to project founders and team members to onboard them on the social media platform. Scheduling interviews with the founder. Build and manage the community.

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Job board for digital currency & blockchain jobs

Lately, I got interested in the digital currency space. I made a lot of virtual friends from around the world. We went from unknown to known. I discovered people in a blockchain space help anyone for FREE. A lot of people are struggling to find opportunities in the blockchain space.

I felt i should use my spare time to help. Hence i started sharing opportunities on a regular basis resulting in having close to 400 people across all social media. i do get feedback